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Father with Newborn Baby

Virtual Postpartum Support

Emotional support during the postpartum period can make the transition easier.

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How I Can Help

Childbirth is life-changing! Our body and mind need to take time to heal. Emotional and educational support can make a world of difference.

With pospartum support, we would meet virtually 1, 2 or 4 times per month depending on your needs and preferences. 

Here's How I Can Help 

  • Provide emotional support

  • Create space for you to share your birth story

  • Provide information & resources about birth and postpartum

  • Help research your questions & concerns

  • Answer questions about newborn care

  • Provide support to your partner 


Please set up a free consultation with me so we can talk about your support needs before payment.

Sliding Scale Pricing and payment plans are available.

1 Meeting per Month                    $70-$100

2 Meetings per Month                 $130-$190

4 Meetings per Month                $260-$380  

When choosing a sliding scale price, consider your household income, number of dependents, debt & personal circumstances.

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