This workbook was designed to help you take a deep dive into your inner thoughts, habits and beliefs. Birth work is whole person work and how we view ourselves as well as others, can make an impact on how we work with clients.


'My Deep Dive: A self reflection workbook for birthworkers' includes 10 chapters of questions to help you understand who you are, how you became to be who you are and who you want to be!


The workbook is available anytime as a digital download that you can fill in on your computer or add to your favourite iPad app like Goodnotes or Notability and fill in using your apple pencil. You will receive the ebook in PDF format immediately after purchasing.

Deep Dive: A Self Reflection Workbook for Birth Workers

  • There will be a limited time pre-order for physical copies of the workbook from JULY 5 - JULY 23. A full run of hard copies will be placed on JULY 23RD (THE LAST DAY TO ORDER HARD COPY) and copies are expected to ship from Markham, Ontario within 7 days. You can expect to receive your physical copy by mid-August (shipping delays may vary). Rest assured every purchase of a hard-copy also receives a digital copy at the time of payment and order tracking until delivery.

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