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No Terf Zone

For those who are unfamiliar a TERF is a Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist.

So you don’t want to use inclusive language to include trans people because you’re only a feminist? Okay great, let me use your own logic against you.

The terms pregnant woman or pregnant mother are exclusive to several groups who are not trans.

❌Women who plan to have someone else adopt their baby may not want to be called mothers.

❌ Young girls who become pregnant are not women.

❌ Intersex people who are not biologically singularly female but still can become pregnant may not want to be called a woman.

❌ A woman who is a surrogate and carrying a baby for someone else may not want to be called a mother.

So because you want to perpetuate trans violence and trans exclusion you’re also excluding the “women” you claim to care so much about.

You’re not “protecting femininity” you’re being an asshole because you think you’re in an exclusive club with limited membership. Well guess what? Your so called “female club” is actually MADE UP. Gender is MADE UP. Biological sex is real, and there are 👏🏽MORE 👏🏽THAN 👏🏽TWO!

Gender is a social construct while sex is biological. There are several different biological sexes there are most commonly 6 different types. You can read more about chromosomes and sex here.

If your reasoning for not using inclusive language is because you don’t want to erase women, you need to take a closer look at the women you are leaving out.

Cheyenne Scarlett


Birth Educator

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