Pregnant person? Birthing people? What is that all about?

It's about speaking inclusively, even in health care practices

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As you read through my content or if you have heard me speak before, you will notice that I try my best to use the term "pregnant person" in place of pregnant woman/women. You will also find that I may use “birthing person” in place of “mother” when appropriate as well.

Here's why:

I acknowledge that not all people who give birth are women.

Not all bodies that have a uterus and are capable of giving birth belong to people who identify as women. They may be non-binary, trans or identify in a number of other ways. When I am speaking about people who give birth in general and I cannot guarantee that all of those people identify as women, I will refer to that group as birthing or pregnant people.

Not all people who give birth are mothers

Not all birthing people who choose to become a parent will want to be called a mother, some may prefer to be called a father or a number of other terms. Similarly, not all people who give birth intent to parent the child they are giving birth to. They may be choosing the place the child for adoption or may be a surrogate/gestational carrier. This person has given birth however they are not the child’s mother.

I belong to the LBGTQ+ community and I am respectful of pronouns

The trans/non binary communities have asked for this change of terms. These are the terms they use to describe themselves and I am going to mirror the language they use for themselves. In addition to these language changes I will always default to referring to the birthing person's spouse as their partner. If they have more than one partner or no partner at all, that will still be respected and celebrated.

You may be saying to yourself, “but I am a pregnant woman, not a birthing person. I have a husband, not a partner.” Amazing, thanks for letting me know! When speaking about you and to you I will refer to you using your preferred pronouns and refer to your husband as such. Just as you have preferences as to what you would like to be called, I will be doing the same for others.

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