How To Use Inclusive Language Explained With Fruit

I've seen A LOT of content and push back from people (cis-women) who are not at all on board with using inclusive language. We know how to do it, we do it all the time.⁠⁠ Let me give you some examples of How To Use Inclusive Language Explained With Fruit


🐶🐈 If there are a group of dogs and cats you would just say a group of animals. ⁠⁠


🚘🚛 A group of cars and trucks? Vehicles⁠⁠


🍎🍇 Apples and grapes? Fruit. ⁠

If I have a bowl of apples I can say “look a bowl of apples”. But as soon as I add one orange, it’s no longer a bowl of apples. It would be more appropriate to say “look a bowl of fruit”. When we say that it’s a bowl of fruit, we are not erasing the identity of the apples we are just changing the descriptive word to include the orange.

This is the same when we’re talking about people. It’s important to include everyone instead of assuming everyone is the same. When we change our language we are not excluding anyone or leaving anyone out. We are making our circle bigger to include more people.

Read more about why I use inclusive language here!

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