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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

In Ontario, pregnant people generally chose an OBGYN as their health care provider for prenatal care and birth. Many more people are choosing midwives than ever before and some still use their family doctors. Here are the benefits and limits of doctors and midwives in the Ontario context specifically. 



  • Attend all types of births

  • Able to perform C-section if required or wanted

  • Specialized training to handle high risk births


  • May not attend your birth

  • More likely to use interventions

  • Short prenatal appointments

  • Only attend births in hospitals



  • Specially trained in low risk pregnancy management

  • Attend births in all locations

  • Able to order the same screening tests as OBGYNS

  • Usually offer continuity of care

  • Care for you and baby for 6 weeks postpartum

  • Can still care for you even if you need or plan for a c section

  • No referral needed

  • Covered for those who do not qualify for OHIP


  • Typically only attend to low risk births

  • Limited availability as there are not as many midwives and it may be difficult to get one if you find out you’re pregnant later or want to switch

  • Only work within their own catchment area

Which healthcare provider you choose is a highly personal decision. You should definitely choose your care provider wisely and find someone who aligns with your goals and needs.

Always remember that you are allowed to change health care providers if they are not the right fit for you. Many people choose to interview their health care provider before deciding to choose them. Keep in mind also that the majority of OB’s do not offer continuity of care so it is very likely that the person you have prenatal appointments with will not attend your birth.

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