Birth Locations

Where you choose to give birth is a highly personal decision. The number one thing people are typically concerned about when it comes to choosing the best location for them is safety.

Many believe that the hospital is the safest place to give birth but research shows that outcomes for both parent and child in hospital and at home are actually the same. You can read more about who can have a homebirth here.

Those who live near a birth centre can also add this to their list of options, but unfortunately there are only two in Ontario. You can find out more about the Toronto birth centre here and the Ottawa birth centre here.

Let’s go through the benefits and limitations of all three options together.

Hospital Birth


  • Access to technology if needed for high risk pregnancy

  • Access to epidural and other pain relief if wanted

  • Some find comfort in closeness to technology

  • Access to technology for infant health


  • May feel impersonal

  • Need to leave home during labour

  • Some do not want to have interventions