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Cheyenne Scarlett


Hey there! Welcome to my website! Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I arrived here. My name is Cheyenne.  I am a mother of three children, two biological and one stepchild. I had my first baby with an OBGYN and my second with a midwife and have been interested in the differences in care ever since.

I had my first child right out of high school when I was 18. I started my Early Childhood Education diploma when she was only 5 months old. I finished the program and started working in childcare and HATED it. It bothered me that the for-profit centres I was working in cared more about how many gloves and paper towels I used than they did about the children I was caring for. I couldn’t see a future in childcare so I decided to go back to school. I found a child development degree program that would give me credits for my ECE diploma. 

During this program, I was encouraged to find a topic that I was passionate about. I had always been interested in birth but never wanted to be a medical professional so I figured birth was out of my scope. I decided to take a look and see if how babies are born affects them long term.


To my surprise, I discovered a lot about connections between childbirth, infant development, childhood, and even adult development. I was shocked at some of the things I found and I have been hooked ever since. 

During this program, I had the opportunity to travel to and present at research conferences and I absolutely fell in love with research. I decided then I wanted to pursue a Ph.D. and make researching a part of my life permanently. The first step of course in pursuing a Ph.D. was obtaining a master’s degree, so that’s what I did. 

After having my second baby, I started my master's in early childhood studies when my son was 7 months old. I again focused all of my assignments to be about pregnancy, birth, and early infant care. I was given the opportunity to take a class about anti-racism which helped me better understand where racism is found within the healthcare system. I knew I wanted to research birth for my master’s research project and I knew after taking that course, that race needed to be the focus.


I conducted my research on the childbirth experiences of Black women in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada in 2020 when racism and justice came to the forefront of social conversations in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd. 


After completing my research I realized how much of a need there is for childbirth education (CBE) for parents and anti-racism training for providers. I knew I had a lot of information to share but I wanted to get a little more training in CBE. I trained with Birthing Advocacy to become a childbirth educator and I am currently completing Doula training with them as well. 


Working with families and supporting them through pregnancy, birth and postpartum has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. I always thought that would be with a community service agency but the pandemic has pushed me into starting my own business. I do still plan on getting a Ph.D. as well. 


SO! That was a long story but here we are! 


I hope we can work together soon, check out services to book a free 15-minute chat, I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers, Cheyenne (3).png

Our Philosophy

Here at Baby Planner, we use a person-centered and trauma-informed approach. We recognize that you and your family are coming to us with lived experiences that influence who you are and those individual identities are important to us. We approach working with you from the belief that you are the expert in your body and your family and we are here to support you in what you want/need.

We will provide you with unbiased information so that you can make decisions for yourself and your family. We will not push you into choosing or declining any specific options related to birth and parenting. If you want to give birth in the middle of the forest next to a stream, awesome. If you want to give birth in the hospital via planned C-section, also awesome. Our job is to present the risks and benefits of each option so that you can make your own decisions.

Our only goal is to make sure that you feel heard and accepted. 

We love working with people of any race, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, and different family types. We promise to do our best to support you as you are. If you don’t think that we’re a good fit, we are more than happy to support you in your search for a more appropriate service. 

We also need to make it known that our beliefs are pro-choice. We will not judge you for any reproductive decisions you have made in the past or plan to make in the future.

While we are trying our best to be inclusive and accepting of all people we know that we will make mistakes. We encourage you to contact us if you find any of our information or social media content to be offensive. We are always open and willing to learn how we can better serve our community.


My Research

In Canada, we have very limited research on what the childbirth experience is like for Black people. As part of my master's degree requirements, I completed a study in the summer of 2020 with 30 Black women who had recently given birth in the GTA. Since publishing the full Master's Research Paper on social media, I have had the opportunity to speak with various institutions about the results. I am available to speak about my research findings and you may contact me about workshops here. Please take a moment to review the study results below.