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Baby Planner is a  place to learn about and prepare for your birth. You can also get prepared for the postpartum period and caring for your baby. Our birth experts work one-on-one with you and host classes to help prepare you for birth and parenting. 


Personal Reflection E-Book for All Birthworkers

This workbook was designed to help you take a deep dive into your inner thoughts, habits and beliefs. Birth work is whole person work and how we view ourselves as well as others, can make an impact on how we work with clients. 


Hey there! I’m Cheyenne. I am so excited that you are here! I am passionate about supporting people as they plan for birth and early infant care. Click read more to learn a little bit about me! 

I am a mother of three, with two biological children, and one stepchild. I had my first baby with an OBGYN and my second with a midwife and have been interested in the differences in birthing care ever since. Through my studies, I've found research on birth and its long-term impacts on children and their families. I have discovered so much about the connections between childbirth, infant development, childhood, and even adult development. Now, I share this research so that families planning for birth and infant care can make informed decisions for themselves and their babies.


"The power of a birth plan isn't the actual plan. It’s the process of being educated about all your options."

Community Fund

At Baby Planner, we aim to be accessible and equitable for all. We recognize that there are people who need to use our services but may not be able to afford them. With the help of your donation, you are providing subsidized services to a person in need.

Birth Planning


Together we will talk about your options for your birth and make a plan for communicating your wishes to your health care provider. We will talk about all of your options and I will provide you with pros, cons, and additional resources for these options. 

Birth Planning


Start here with our Birth Planning Tools to uncover more options that can guide your thinking when it comes to making safe and healthy decisions during pregnancy and delivery. Complete your choice of quiz and get instant results to start your birth plan.

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